Want to see our new house?

Want to see our new house? While many people wait on their first home, Shaun and I saved for our last and final home – the home that met so many different “checks” for our dream house:

  1. 2 car garage
  2. Light post in front yard
  3. Pecan trees
  4. Spanish Oak in from yard with swinging bench (soon to be back)
  5. Storage unit in back yard
  6. Creek in back yard
  7. 10-15 friends living in the neighborhood
  8. Vintage (1972)
  9. “Bar” room
  10. Big kitchen
  11. Lots of storage
  12. Old quirks
  13. Trees and gardens
  14. Limestone facade
  15. No involved HOA

This is truly the first and last home we purchase.

Right now we’re in project mode. We’re taking popcorn off the ceilings, and painting the door red. We’re making it our own. The door needs another coat or two, but you get the point.

But I will put the befores and afters in their own posts – having ownership like this has been so highly satisfying and I can’t wait to get some of these done. I hope you enjoy our work! We’re going to be working on our house for years to come and I can’t wait to have it documented somewhere. Enjoy!

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